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As a member you can fully participate in club meetings and Toastmasters conferences, and you are welcome to visit over 13,000 other Toastmasters clubs around the world.

You will have access to Toastmasters educational tool Pathways, which will help you develop as a speaker and as a leader.

You will also get the printed magazine, Toastmaster, ten times per year.

The annual fee is SEK 1200 and the 6 month fee is SEK 650. New members also pay SEK 250 for registration.  Every year the fees are due 31st March and 30th September. When you are new to Toastmasters your fee will be adjusted depending on when in the year you join.

To join: Email your name, address and telephone number to, so we know where to send your magazines. Transfer the money to our account through Plusgiro at 69 09 14-7, SWISH 123 356 94 15, IBAN SE74 9500 0099 6042 0690 9147

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